About Me


I'm Margaret, cookie artist at Base Layer Bakes. I live in Glastonbury, CT with my husband and 4 children. Though we are originally from Virginia, we love living in New England, especially when it snows. I have always loved painting and other forms of art and over the last few years developed quite the taste for baking. When looking for an artistic outlet I discovered cookie decorating and the rest is history. Decorating cookies is both relaxing and fulfilling for me. I love being able to bring a little joy into your life through cookies!

So why Base Layer? Our family loves winter hikes, and each of my kids can tell you the most important thing to have on for a cold winter hike - your base layer! Without it, no matter what you put on top it is so much harder to stay warm. Never leave on a winter hike without your base layer!

The all-important base layer of Base Layer Bakes is two fold. First, the base layer of a custom designed cookie is the cookie itself. It doesn't matter how well a cookie is decorated, it should always taste good. I use quality ingredients and am continually improving to provide you with better tasting cookies. Second, the base layer of this bakery is our family. This bakery is meant to serve our family, not the other way around. I purposely keep my order volume low in order to meet the needs of our young family.